Jeanette Wang

blogs about the logistics of bicycle commuting.

I’m not a fan of backpacks for bike commuting in Singapore’s weather. Racks are far more suitable. Last thing you need is something restricting air flow to your back.

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  1. 1 Back2Nature December 15, 2009 at 3:21 am

    Back in 1996, I improvised by putting a self-made “something” (don’t know how should I call it) between a normal backpack and my back for ventilation. It helps but not good enough. Even with good back ventilations, I think the main issue is that the stripes in front seal off openings for air to enter my clothing (I don’t wear cycling attire). I would like to have a shirt that have stripes opening behind like those windows blinder. I think that will be very nice 🙂

    Later, being very very cost conscious then, I bought a $2.50 plastic basket and tied it at the handle bar with some thick nylon ropes picked up on the road. Yes, racks are far more suitable.

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