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Vigil/Protest Outside Burmese Embassy in Singapore

Vigil/Protest Outside Burmese Embassy in Singapore

The photo set.

The story:

We tried to drive in but were stopped by plainclothes ‘policemen’ at the entrance to St Martin’s Road. They asked what we were doing there. When we answered evasively, they demanded that we make a three-point turn and go back out again. So we parked at a nearby mall and walked in. On the way in we were harassed by the ‘policemen’ again, who kept asking where we were going. Some people heading to the protest reportedly had their ICs scanned. Everyone was videotaped. We ignored them and continued on, and they stopped questioning us after a woman yelled at them to stop harrassing us. Outside the embassy there were about 50 Burmese sitting on the kerbs, a large photo of Aung San Suu Kyi, and messages plastered all over the embassy entrance. we heard from others that internet access to Peninsula Plaza had been cut off that day, probably to suppress the communicative abilities of organizers and would-be protestors.