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In today’s Today:

How can Singaporeans be encouraged to cycle more if they’re not safe on roads?

Tuesday • June 17, 2008

Letter from SHARON LIM

LAST Friday night, I was on a Tibs bus service 61 (TIBS777A) travelling from Holland Village towards the Bukit Batok bus interchange.

As the bus neared Maju Road, just before the Singapore Institute of Management, the bus came up behind two male cyclists. They were wearing helmets and bright clothes and had rear lights installed on their bicycles.

Instead of slowing down or trying to overtake the cyclist, the bus driver began blasting his horn at them continuously. He tailgated the two cyclists that at times, it seemed as if the bus was breathing down their necks.

When the bus stopped at Ngee Ann Polytechnic to allow passengers to board, the two cyclists caught up and started shouting vulgarities at the driver. The bus driver got out and a minor scuffle broke out before some passengers separated them.

If the authorities are serious about encouraging Singaporeans to cycle to work or school, shouldn’t they also ensure that cyclists are treated as rightful road users?

But if cyclists cannot ride on the pavement and are in danger of being knocked down by inconsiderate road users, how are they going to use their bicycles as a means of transport?


1 Response to “Wow, some media attention”

  1. 1 Back2Nature June 17, 2008 at 5:00 pm

    Curious to see how will the TIBS, LTA, and TP respond to this incident.

    Recently after visiting various road cycling websites, I think we are very underdeveloped regarding road cycling. I mean, I think many people ride bicycles in developed cities in Europe and US suggests that having more people riding bicycles on road in Singapore is a sign of development. This perspectives might help drivers to have respects for cyclists on road.

    PS: do you know about a recent accidents involving a cyclist and a taxi passenger? I thought I saw it reported in XinMin but couldn’t find it online.

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