Three Feet Minimum to Pass (in some places)

The Illinois legislature recently passed a law requiring motorists to pass bicyclists with at least three feet to spare. (I think we might have to wait till the next century for something like this to be passed in Singapore.) Willow Naeco, a.k.a. Chicago Cycling Chick, has come up with a 3-foot-long “foam claw buffer” to put on her bike, so that any motorists that hit it will have broken the law:


1 Response to “Three Feet Minimum to Pass (in some places)”

  1. 1 willow naeco April 26, 2008 at 4:45 pm

    Hello! My modest prototype has become a pretty nice-looking reality, thanks to L.N. who made the design and came up with the cash for a short run of foam hands with the 3-foot message printed on them. They made their debut at the April 2008 Chicago Critical Mass:

    Finished Product, first run.

    Thanks for the post about my idea…and here’s hoping a similar law (or better yet, urban planning/street designs that calm traffic and make such laws unnecessary) will come your way soon.



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