Yawning Bread on the Dangers of Sidewalk Bicycling

He’s not a fan of the Tampines bicycle trial either:

Another reason why you don’t need a trial: just look at how other cities have dealt with the problem, especially in Europe. There, dedicated bicycle paths are commonly provided, separate from pedestrian ways. Is it not obvious, the social benefits of that?

I’ve made the same point many times, to people who think that sidewalk bicycling is viable in the long term. If you look at the most cyclist-friendly cities in the world, they are those in which cyclists are allowed space on the roads, not those where they are confined to sidewalks. Why did they waste money laying down extra-wide sidewalks in Tampines for bicycles, instead of the cheaper, more commonly used worldwide, and more obvious solution of painting bike lanes on the roads there?

Part of the answer, I suspect, lies with the tremendous political inertia that lies with Singaporean motorists, who still have an extraordinary sense of entitlement about road space.

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