For Posterity’s Sake

(The context.) Maybe, fifty years later, when this hellhole wakes up to the reality of elitist, short-sighted transportation policies, its inhabitants (if any are left) might find the following show amusing:

Today, 10:54 AM
There are times where vehicles swerve to the right to avoid cyclists, endangering other vechicles travelling on lanes to the right.

Lanes on Singapore roads are very narrow and not cyclist friendly. Until LTA does something about it, cyclist should not endanger themselves by cycling on these roads with heavy vehicles

Today, 11:07 AM
Totally agree with hongchris. Cyclists do not even pay road tax. They often seem oblivious of obstructing motorized vehicles. Bicycles should be allowed only on secondary roads with no bus-stops, for people to cycle out from their house to the main road, only.

Today, 12:14 PM
To just_me+pam. There are many cyclists among us, including me, who have a driving license AND own a car so your very comment that cyclists do not pay road tax is one that is ridiculous.

Today, 12:19 PM
singapore drivers like to cut up those of us who like to ride a push bike. simple solution if you can catch the offending motorist at the next light give him a little warning that you have phtograpahed his actions and he will be hearing from the traffic police. I have noticed what happoened in australia with motorists who cut up bikes, on occasions they are pulled out of their vehicles and given a kicking for being dangerous.

Today, 12:57 PM
that 30 sec saved can save the time on 1 traffic light struck at 1 traffic light. To LEXICON7: pay road tax for CAR doesnt give you the right to say just_me_pam is ridiculous. So what if you pay road tax for car? means you can own a lane when riding bicycle on road?

Today, 01:19 PM
Is this one of the reasons cylclists are now cylcing along footpaths? The ring their bells impatiently as they approach pedestrians from behind like saying: “get out of the way this footpath is mine now”

The real victims here are the poor pedestrians.

Today, 01:38 PM
I vividly remember one incident whilst driving at night along Bedok Resorvoir Road, towards direction of Tampines.

Setting: It was the daily night peak hour traffic hour, so there were many cars plying that road.

Incident: I was driving on the left lane (it’s a 2-lane road) and encountered, in my opinion, the most idoitic cyclist ever.

He was occupying the central portion of the left lane, whilst cycling at a very leisurely pace. Worst still, when he knew cars behind him were trying to overtake him, he would zig zag all the way to his right to prevent cars from doing so.

He even has the audacity to show his middle finger up all the way whilst doing so!!! He was having a cigarette in his mouth, using his left hand to control the bike and his right hand was gesturing his middle finger all the way up.

With such idiotic cyclists on our roads, it is no wonder I occasionally feel unsympathetic to hear that they become accident victims.

Today, 01:58 PM
Not all cyclists ride idiotically. What it really comes down to is that we drivers should take care not to kill them over our shared road space, whether they are good cyclists or truly infuriating cyclists.

Today, 02:06 PM
#9 astarga3

Agreed. I was merely trying to recount a not very pleasant experience I went through, to highlight the fact that there are indeed idiotic cyclists on our roads.

Hopefully, these are just the minority.

Today, 04:53 PM
I think it is still best to allow cyclists on the footpaths, until a cyclist path are created. Singapore is too small and affluent to bred many cyclists, so I think the authorities do not find it necessary to have cyclist path. In the past, the cyclists cycle so fast on the footpath they knock someone down, then the authorities allow them on the roads only, a very shortsighted approach. I say confiscate their bike,fine them heavily, treat the situation like a traffic accident, allow the pedestrian to claim insurance money from the cyclist. There are indeed much more cars on the road than pedestrians on the footpath so cyclists could be more problematic to drivers on the road than to pedestrians on footpaths.

Today, 05:20 PM
To teochengliao. I did not say that just_me_pam was ridiculous, just her/his comment to be. And waht Iam trying to say is that many of us who own cars and bicycles do pay road tax and so we are contributing tax-wise as well. It would do you well to read properly first and understand before jumping to conclusins.

Today, 06:09 PM
Paying road tax for one’s car means that tax has been paid for the CAR to be on the road, not the bicycle. Not difficult to understand. Countless analogies are available. Like, if you pay to get a massage in a spa, you don’t demand a facial too, just cos you paid the spa money. Or if you paid money to buy a bunch of bananas at a fruit stall, you don’t get to bag a bunch of grapes too.

Today, 08:17 PM
Dear Ms, by complaining cars do not give way to u, u behave as if ur grand daddy own all the roads in Singapore, especially Thomson Rd. First, u do not pay road tax. Secondly, u are obstructing traffic flow. For the hundreds of bus commuters who paid good bus fares and hope the bus lanes rules work, YOU single-handedly block their smooth trip home. In fact, I will bet my last dollar every single standing bus commuter who catch sight of u and ur divine bike blocking their bus, is cursing and swearing at u.

Pls be considerate to other road users. Car owners who paid good road taxes, and public buses commuters, are the rightful road users. It is sad but true, cyclists on roads are a danger to everybody. And when they get onto the pavements, they are a danger to pedestrains. Until a proper bicycle lane is installed, there is really no place for bicycles, esp on crowded pavements and busy roads.

And don’t get me started on cyclists who ring their *@#% bells non-stop on the pavements at pedestrians.

Default December 25, 2007 Tuesday, 09:55 PM
“I CYCLE home from work regularly along Thomson Road during the evening bus lane hours…… Not only do these vehicles violate traffic laws, …..” Li Bihui (Ms) is indeed a good joker. If you considered your bicycle a vehicle, then you have first violated the bus-lane rules, when buses are not supposed to be hogged by others form of vehicles, why should they be hogged by you – a cyclist ? What is the purpose of bus-lane rules then ?

Default December 25, 2007 Tuesday, 11:02 PM
I used to drive in Melbourne, Australia. Cyclists there deserved my respect, because they
– avoid cycling on roads with heavy traffic
– wear safety gear at all times
– don’t cycle against the traffic
– don’t cycle as though they are a pedestrian
– pull over to the side if they are obstructing traffic

Unfortunately it doesn’t apply here.

Default December 26, 2007 Wednesday, 12:46 AM
Just_me_pam, perhaps you would like to look at it this way. Roads have footways on the side. Do you then ask pedestrians to pay road tax as well? And also, cars, being much more heavier than the humble bicycle, wear out roads faster and thus, the road tax is levied as such to maintain the roads. And another thing as well…bicycles do not spew out carbon monoxide that poisons the air. If there is a tax to be levied, it should levied on all who drive (including me). So maybe you can think about this, drive less (like me), cycle and get fitter and healthier in the process.

Default December 26, 2007 Wednesday, 03:32 AM
Well, to be ridiculous enough to single out cyclists to pay tax for using the roads then pedestrians should pay tax too. They too are road users and pavement users. There should be more tax than vehicles since there is extra space being used? Great! Why not tax the Marathon runners as well for running ‘amok’ on the roads?

That is how silly this discussion has become. Are you all so unhappy with cyclists on the road that the law should change for all motorists?

I reckon there are more idiotic motorists than cyclists. The same attitude towards cyclists arfe being brought over to how some car drivers feel towards motorcyclists as well. How much difference is there? They pay road tax but they too get treated as inconsiderately as cyclists.

As a driver, motorcyclist and cyclist and sometimes pedestrian, I face day to day situations of inconsiderate, impatient and frustrated drivers be it whichever mode of transport i choose to use but if drivers think cyclists are dangerous, they should take a look back home to their aging parents and imagine them crossing the roads as well. How many of drivers actually cross a zebra crossing while there is someone waiting to cross? How many drivers stop past the stop line at the red lights? How many fail to signal before they turn? How many signal left then turn right? How many fail to check their blind spots before they turn? How many overtake on the left? How many illegally park their vehicles like the traffic in geylang causing traffic jam and endanger road users?

And you think hopefully its just a minority of cyclist endangering the Car driver? Look again.

Its a simple gesture of just giving way. Its not hard to do neither is it impossible. But from the postings, it seems that hard that you have to voiced out unpleasant circumstances towards the road behaviour of a couple of cyclists. If there weren’t traffic laws to protect users of the road, i guess cyclists will be force to use their bicycles at home or only to the nearest pavement otherwise the couple of you would have just run them over.

Why dun start a thread on Idiotic motorist plus place their number plates and pictures for us to warn other road users instead? You can start by placing yours here.

Its a simple gesture of giving way. If its that hard, you shouldn’t even been allowed on the road in the first place. God bless us

Default December 26, 2007 Wednesday, 08:42 AM
We should live and let live; share what we have. Motorists should not endanger bicyclists and bicyclists should not endanger pedestrians.

Easier said than done though, as we seem to have this culture of bullying. So that at each level we bully the ones we deem on the level below, or bulliable.

Default December 26, 2007 Wednesday, 09:54 AM
“Furthermore, large vehicles like trucks, buses and SUVs have huge blind spots. Drivers of these vehicles do not seem very aware of, or concerned about, the fact that when the front of their vehicle passes a cyclist too closely and there is a bend in the road, the rear of their vehicle will be even closer to the kerb than the front is, leaving the cyclist with nowhere to go except the hospital bed.”

Dear writer,

This phrase is what the driving instuctors always teach us.
When turning left or right, keep close to it, so that some inconsiderate motorists or cyclists cannot dash across when we are driving.

This is to keep them away for safety concern, I had already encountered a few times, after I keep a lookout before I turn, and still, some idiots can cut into the turning lane causing me to jam brake, if I don jam brake how? He/she had already died, and I just need to say sorry that’s all, it’s not my fault.
If we don keep close to turning, alot of inconsiderate motorists and cyclists are dead or injured.

It’s not easy for everyone to give and take (not everyone practise it), this is how we prevent accidents from happening.

Default December 26, 2007 Wednesday, 10:02 AM
Seems to me that the only way for those few inconsiderate cyclists and motorists to learn road safety and road courtesy is to be a casualty or cause a casualty in an accident. I wish that such accidents are between these two categories of inconsiderate people.

Default December 26, 2007 Wednesday, 10:57 AM
In general, our roads were designed many decades ago. with the growing vehicle population, roads need to be upgraded constantly as the lanes are too narrow for additional bicycle on the road shoulder.

I do understand the writer’s constant fear on the road. It is for this reason that I only do bike training at wee hours (4.30 am) and be off the road by 8.00 am to beat the roaring traffic.

I honestly feel sorry for those depend on cycling as daily commute. Do understand, if they resort to riding on walkway and pavement.

Default December 27, 2007 Thursday, 12:20 AM
If you have to ride on the road, keep at least 2 feet away from the kerb. This gives you some room to serve left when a car passes too close. On narrower roads, it also allows you to control when to let a car pass and to force to go into the next lane to overtake.

I too encounter drivers who cut into my lane when I cycle. I believe that many of them don’t ride a bike and underestimate the speed a bike can achieve. It’s better to practise defensive riding. Also, keep the TP hotline number on your phone in case you want to report a particularly nasty driver.

Default December 27, 2007 Thursday, 12:24 AM
Its a global problem!

Default December 27, 2007 Thursday, 12:47 AM

#22 I really do not have a problem sharing the road with cyclists when I am driving, footpaths when I am on foot, but what I really cannot accept is the manner cylcists while approaching from behind to use bells or make other noises to suggest that I should get out of their way.

Could you kindly pass this along to your cylcist friends that the foot path is not the exclusive rights of pedestrians neither are the cyclists’. Just live and let live.


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