Archive for November 1st, 2007

Great ride to work today despite the rain. In fact it was only 10 minutes of moderate rain (the rest was drizzle) when I was along Bukit Timah Rd that wet my socks. I wasn’t concerned with the rest of my body getting wet because socks were the only part of my outfit I had not brought a pair of to change into! So now I’m sitting in the office barefoot, having hung my socks on the back struts of my chair to (hopefully) dry.

I hadn’t commuted by bike for more than a week (for reasons that were mostly out of my control). The thought of spending another day standing in metal boxes rather than spinning out in fresh air was too much to bear. So even though there were streaks of lightning tearing through the sky by the time I set off under the heavy clouds, I decided I had to cycle still. No regrets. Wet socks are a small price to pay for avoiding a day-long grumpiness induced by public transport.