One of Those Days

Truly, falling because you decided to lean to the left when stopping while your left foot was still in the toe clip is one of the most idiotic ways in which to fall. Thank fuck the bus you fell against was stationary. And thank fuck you fell against a bus and not against some car snob’s shiny car. You now have some road rash on your right ankle (how did that happen in a fall on your left side??) and a mother of a bruise on your left knee, which took your weight. The fall shattered your confidence and for the rest of the commute home you had to consciously think about coordinating your stopping movements: which side to lean to if you were keeping your right foot in the clip, etc. It was one of those commutes where it seemed like every driver was out to kill you (and no, most commutes are not like that). You were glad to roll to a stop in front of your gate.

Portsdown Rd is a nice ride but Queensway is a bitch. And don’t get me started on the Thomson/Bishan/Braddell mess.


1 Response to “One of Those Days”

  1. 1 mb October 10, 2007 at 3:21 pm

    Yeah, I’ve done my share of falling with the clip on too.

    And I ride along the Corridor of Death at Jalan Eunos every day. Twice. That’s a mess too. I sometimes don’t know why I keep at it.


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