Cycling in the Bus Bays

Twice on my morning commute today, I had to wait behind buses that were in turn waiting behind cyclists who had veered into the bus bay. I don’t understand why people do this. You hold the bus up more by veering into the bus bay instead of going straight along the outer edge of the bus bay. I suppose people are afraid of cycling away from the kerb. But I don’t see how it’s any ‘safer’ to be cycling next to the kerb in the bus bay with the bus still breathing down your neck.

Some old walker/jogger clapped me when I was going down Thomson Road. I was too winded to greet him but tried to give him a friendly nod.

I was earlier than usual but the traffic along Holland Road seemed heavier than usual. Strange. I couldn’t filter safely to the right to get to North Buona Vista Road so had to make two pedestrian crossings. Oh well. At least this time I managed to avoid the invisible bump that always gives me a painful kick to the crotch going up the hill to my workplace. It’s a rather abrupt bump but you can see it only if you look carefully from the side, because the tarmac over the bump happens to be coloured such that it looks perfectly flat. I’d always been mystified by how that smooth-looking stretch of road could have such a bump. It was only today, when I deliberately cycled in the middle of the road instead of the left edge, that I could see where the bump was.

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