Paris’ public bike rental scheme is, according to The Guardian, a storming success. The bikes are very popular and, despite the predictions of naysayers, few have been stolen.

I’ve always thought that the Buona Vista-Science Park-NUS area could do with such a bike rental system. The current bus situation is abysmal. In the morning rush hours, the bus stop opposite Buona Vista MRT is so packed that those who need to walk through the bus stop to get to MOE/Biopolis barely have any space to squeeze through. One often sees exhausted commuters crowd desperately around the entrance of each bus, only to be forced to wait for another overpacked bus as there’s simply no more room for them. This bus stop is particularly busy in the mornings because there are no rail connections to Science Park or NUS, and the buses that go there are simply not frequent enough to accommodate the huge volumes of passengers. At least Science Park employees can take the private Science Park Shuttle. There is no such shuttle for NUS, so students have to get to the bus stop extra early to ensure that they’ll be on time even if they have to wait for two buses to pass before getting on. It doesn’t help that thanks to the surrounding construction of the Circle Line, temperatures at the bus stop are abnormally high even by Singaporean standards. Stuck for half an hour with 50 other people at a sweltering bus stop — what a pleasant way to begin one’s workday. With the current bus situation, one can get to NUS/Science Park much faster than on a bike than on public transport, and (considering the physical conditions at that bus stop) be none the more sweaty for it either.


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