A Watershed in Bike Commuting?

For me, that is. This week I was able to commute only twice due to weather and scheduling concerns. I was itching to commute on Wednesday and Thursday, and positively delighted to get on my bike Friday morning. Enjoyed the commute too, hardly cursing the lack of bike friendly drivers and infrastructure. Taking public transport seems like such a waste of time in comparison.

I took Coronation Road instead of Cluny Rd today, just for a change, and didn’t even particularly dread the climb over the ridge* the way I used to do when I was more demoralised by the commute. Except for the part passing NYPS it’s a pretty good route, less steep than Cluny Rd too. And if I’m early enough filtering to turn right into Buona Vista Rd from Holland Rd is quite possible. The NYPS section can be bypassed by taking Princess of Wales Rd in instead, although I’d still have to deal with the big luxury cars cutting in in front of me to turn left into Coronation Rd. But flat, straight Bukit Timah Road was a nice change from the slightly snaking and definitely hilly Holland Road.

*I would probably have never discovered that there is a continuous ridge between Holland Rd and Bukit Timah Rd if I’d never started commuting by bicycle. You don’t notice small slopes in a car; but they add up all too obviously when you have to pedal yourselves over them. My mother has never noticed that there was a steep slope on Cluny Rd near the entrance opposite Nassim Rd; but for me it is the most dreaded part of my usual commute. And there is no way around it. You have to cross a ridge if you want to get from Bukit Timah Road to Holland Rd, stretching from at least the slope from Stevens Rd towards Newton Rd to Clementi Road (I’m not familiar with the terrain farther west than that, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the ridge continues further). I myself had been to 6th Ave several times but had never noticed that it has a huge bump in the middle of it, steeper than Coronation Road, probably because 6th Ave takes a shorter trajectory over the ridge.

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