We’re Not Always Groups

One of the reactions to my suggestion that we begin a Critical Mass in Singapore was that it would constitute illegal assembly. I retorted that there was no reason why the ride should be regarded as any sort of organised assembly; in fact, many Critical Mass participants in Chicago were adamant that they never be viewed as part of any organisation. They were just individuals who liked to bike, and who especially liked to bike on the last Friday of every month, beginning at 5.30pm from Daley Plaza. You would not find any single socio-political opinion that all of the participants held. Enjoying riding your bike on the last Friday of every month is not a socio-political opinion.

It is therefore a little heartening to read that the Pink Run was allowed to proceed after it was re-labelled as a group of individuals. Now if only people would stop saying that “it will never happen because our culture is such-and-such, so I don’t think you should even try”. Critical Mass depends on individuals like you turning up, dudes. Your justification for not turning up is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I last tried to lure participants for a Singapore Critical Mass just two months ago, so I think I’ll wait a little longer before waving my pathetic flag on togoparts.com again. If anyone knows of a better way to spread the awareness of at least the possibility of Critical Mass, do let me know.


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