Incredibly exhausted yesterday. Suspected it was not entirely due to cycling to work. Firstly, woke up in a gloomy mood because I had dreamt that I’d gotten into grad school. Quite a disappointment to wake up to find that I merely had X more days of work to go to while my writing sample remains unrealised. Didn’t feel particularly bad on the way to work; timing was as usual (1 hour).

Unfortunately, was extremely sleepy for the whole workday, so wasn’t feeling too good as I trudged to collect my bike at 5.30 (in fact, I left early because I was feeling worse the more I sat in my cubicle). Leaving at 5.30 means less of a jam along Thomson Road, but more along Cluny/Evans Road. Might be an option to consider next time. But my main point: I was exhausted by the time I got up the hill just past the Farrer/Holland junction, and usually I’m not that exhausted even by the end of my commute. No idea what caused such an energy deficit. As a result, last night I managed to sleep before 12am, took a leisurely train ride to work today, and feel much better.

I’ve been keeping an internal note of my most feared intersections. Number 1 has to be the CTE/AMK Ave 1 intersection. I have to go straight, of course, while many drivers want to turn left onto the CTE (going south). They often prefer to do this by cutting in front of me rather than filtering in behind me and waiting for me to pass the left turn area completely. On two occasions I was centimetres from crashing into such “hookers”.

The next feared intersection is similar: Thomson Road with the PIE (going towards MacRitchie). Again, the same “hooking” problem, but with less near misses. It seems that people get impatient when they anticipate the adrenaline rush of speeding on a highway. I see less dangerous behaviour when they’re turning into normal roads.

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