Brief Dispatches

Note: Do not go north on Farrer Road during the evening rush hour. I had decided to try to bike down Portsmouth Road to Queensway instead of pushing my bike up the sidewalk of the congested Buona Vista Road to the junction with Commonwealth Ave. Portsmouth Road was a pleasant ride but Queensway was not, and Farrer was completely jammed. It didn’t help that it began raining heavily when I entered Farrer Road, and that it was narrowed in some places for (what else) some sort of construction work.

The Vredestein Ricorso tire is extremely comfortable, even at similar pressures to that which I put in its predecessor, the Vredestein Fortezza SE. It feels cushy even at 100 psi.

On my way home on Monday night, I and a car that was turning left onto Yio Chu Kang Road from Serangoon Gardens Way had to slam on the brakes as a bunch of kids cycling on the sidewalk without lights decided to get on the road and cycle up Yio Chu Kang Road in the wrong direction. With cyclists like this, who needs enemies?

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