Today’s Commute

It was drizzling all the way, but if anything I felt less wet than usual, because I perspired less. And my Mountain Hardwear capri pants are of course amazing at letting me feel dry.

Foot slipped off pedal while taking off at one intersection. My other foot was in the clip so I didn’t fall. Merely bruised the right side of my crotch and flailed around for a few seconds. Kudos to the patient driver waiting behind me while I flailed.

My Keen mocs withstood the moisture well. I can only remember them letting water in from the top, i.e. when the rain is heavy enough that water soaks through my socks or seeps in between socks and shoes. Pretty good grip — slip today would have happened on any shoes, so slick are the MKS Gr-9 pedals. I love those pedals but they really are a bugger in wet weather if one cannot get into the clips sharpish. But even if, as I usually do, one gets both feet into the clips within one revolution, one would have lost a potential few seconds of acceleration. In any case, I find them comfortable enough not to want to give them up because of that. Back to the Keen shoes. They’re also extremely comfortable to walk in, and the toe guards keep my toe clips from wearing down the leather. Also ridiculously easy to take on and off one’s feet without being too loose to, say, do some light hiking. They really are as functional and comfortable as they look.

I was stimulated to write this because I noticed that the water stains on my shose were asymmetric: the left shoe is stained mainly over the inner toes. The right side is stained mainly over the outer toes.

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