The Commuting See-saw

I take the train to work on Tuesday and Thursday because I’m tired from biking to work on Monday and Wednesday. I happily get on my bike on Wednesday and Friday because of the horrible memories of the zombie-filled train ride. Today I took the train to work and biked back, because I’d left my bike with exploded rear tube at work overnight while I picked up a new tyre and tubes on the way home (by train) last night. So I’m now just about balanced on the see-saw: I’m not motivated to take the train or to ride my bike tomorrow.

In other news, after removing the Vredestein Fortezza SE tyre from my rear wheel, I still could not find any holes in it that went right through (there were several that went about halfway through). So the tube shouldn’t have exploded because it leaked out through the hole. But how did it become unseated then? The couple of revolutions when I felt my wheel go funny must have been due to the tube sneaking out between the tyre bead and the rim. But the bead looks as fine as ever. And if it was because the tube was just old and needed replacing, it should have just burst instead of sneaking out.


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