First Commute

Today’s morning commute was sweet. Under an hour from Hougang to Buona Vista despite my making two wrong turns, clear roads, etc. I missed the Coronation Road turn-in and belatedly went down Coronation Walk instead, only to find it a dead end. So I decided to shoulder my bike and cross the ditch to Prince(ss?) of Wales, from which I went south to meet up with Coronation Road. Then I missed the turn I had meant to take into Bin Tong Park, and continued along Coronation Road to end up a tad west of the North Buona Vista Road. On the return trip I made the right turns (backwards) and found out it was a good idea not to take the turn I’d meant to take — it was a steep slope that I felt scared going down on.

Note to self: 6th Ave is surprisingly hilly. Try to find a better way of getting to Bukit Timah Road from Holland Road. The much-loathed Farrer Road, perhaps?

Evening commute was a nightmare. Drivers get a lot more stingy with space when they’re jostling with other cars during peak hour. Never mind that even if they choose to overtake you at a distance too close for comfort, you catch up with them and overtake them on their left again. They still insist on getting to the next logjam a few seconds earlier so as to wait a little longer. I was too scared to attempt to filter right into Braddell Road from Thomson Road. Same for the next filter right into Marymount Lane. Instead, I took the pedestrian crossing to the right into Marymount Lane, which was probably faster than gingerly joining the queue of cars for that right turn. Then I made the mistake of turning left into Marymount Road instead of going straight on to Bishan Road. Marymount Road took me into a horrendous jam at Ang Mo Kio. I elected to go straight to AMK Ave 3 instead of waiting to join the jam along AMK Ave 1, another huge mistake. AMK Ave 3 was a nightmare of weaving motorcycles and impatiently waiting cars. It was narrow enough that I got scarily passed by a bus with practically no room to spare, and for the first time experienced that “tunnel” effect where you find yourself cycling through an absurdly narrow alley with a dangerously moving metal wall. Cunt. On the other hand, those kinds of experiences made the occasional breeze when I actually turned into open road space all the sweeter. 1.5 hours to get home, 50% more than the reverse commute. Then again, the two times average out to the same time I’d spend commuting by train. And, as I always say, commuting by bike is so much more fun. There is nothing less fun, in my opinion, than sitting still in a metal box or shuffling along underground alleys. I always feel tremendously bushed after taking public transport, a mental bushed-ness that I find more incapacitating than the physical bushed-ness from bike commuting.


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