New Bars Search

For some reason, since returning to Sg, I’ve not been happy with my Nashbar bullhorns. Perhaps the easy flat terrain in Chicago disguised an underlying misfit. Neither the horns nor the flats feel comfortable, and I’ve already adjusted the angle. So I’m compiling a shortlist of possibly more commuting-friendly handlebars:
On-One Midge: looks and sounds bloody comfortable, but a tad too wide perhaps?
On-One Mungo (or other moustache): I have heard too many mixed reviews of moustache bars to want to sink some cash into one before trying it out.
Nitto Dove: If this is similar enough to the Albatross, then why not? Need more information.
Nitto Albatross: The link says it all
Nitto North Road: Looks comfy, but I want the possibility of a more aero position. Looks like the North Road’s curves are too narrow to allow that (unlike the Albatross’)
Soma Sparow: Similar to the North Road, but cheaper

I have to decide soon since I plan to ship my final choice to a friend in the US who will be returning to Sg soon. Currently leaning towards the Nitto Albatross, but cost is a major putoff.


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