Damn BMX Chain

Today’s commute on Bikely. Part of it, that is. First commuted from home to Bike Haus at 6th Ave because the hub for which they’d replaced the bearings seemed to be emitting an annoying clicking sound. Turns out it was the chain, which was newly installed on Monday to accommodate my bigger cog. It is apparently normal for Izumi BMX chains to emit an annoying clicking noise. OK then. I can’t hear the chain anyway on the noisy roads, and I don’t ride enough on quiet roads to justify getting a new chain. Just glad it was not a hub problem. There was an expat in the shop at the same time with his fixie, and the mechanic had his fixie upstairs — three fixies in that shop at the same time was apparently a novelty, sparking the comment (from the mechanic) “is this San Francisco?”

Oh, and I forgot to bring the key for my U-lock. So was stuck having to keep my bike somewhere for an hour without a lock (or so I thought — turns out I could have parked it indoors at the workplace of the person I was meeting). Bought the cheapest lock available at Bike Haus for that purpose. So now I have an extra el cheapo cable lock which I will probably never use again. Would be quite happy to sell it for $10 or so.

Roads, or parts of roads, here that scare me:
1) Lornie Road
2) The filter on the Thomson Road flyover to Braddell road. Cars are really speeding here, and I’m afraid they’ll just do a “left hook” in front of me (I just want to go straight onto Thomson Road).
3) Newton Circus. Enough said. I find this scary even as a passenger in a car.
4) Going up/down the various flyovers/underpasses on Bukit Timah Rd. I’m never sure whether to follow the buses and wait at the traffic lights, or to take the “express” route. The lights are safer but involve lots of waiting behind bus exhausts.


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