Slow Down

Upon further thought, the philosophy of road planning in Singapore clearly is to speed up traffic above all else. Hence the lack of curbside parking, which prima facie is good for cyclists, but not if it means speeded up traffic as well. I was reminded of this by someone on the CCM listhost who pointed out (at a meeting with his local police beat) that “most of us didn’t want traffic sped up, we wanted it slowed down, that we didn’t want Foster Avenue turned into the Albany Park Expressway! (I got applause on that line!)”

In Singapore, clearly we don’t care how a proliferation of expressways (or quasi-expressways like Lornie Road) affects living spaces. Who cares if people prefer quiet, green, cool, and safe spaces to the dangerous arteries of heat and noise that are major roads? When we build roads, all that matters is getting people from A to B as quickly as possible.

I would be curious to know how many Singaporeans would understand the appeal of having less expressways. As far as I can remember, the construction of a new expressway is always heralded as an improvement. The local rags cover it with much fanfare.


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