TR Bikes

I plotted today’s route to TR Bikes twice on Bikely and it has yet to be saved. So fuck it, I will update this post with the route later.

Decided to take a jaunt down there partly out of curiosity and partly because I was thinking of changing my rear cog to something larger so that hills would be less of a slog. Besides, I haven’t encountered enough flat, traffic-less roads to justify my original 46×15 gearing. Took Upper Paya Lebar Road most of the way, and it was quite unpleasant, since the lanes were diverted and narrowed for roadside construction for much of the way. Nevertheless, it was okay safety-wise — didn’t have too many close shaves except for the usual idiot taxis and buses passing me too closely on the way back.

TR Bikes did indeed have a 17-tooth fixed cog (Surly), but my chain was too short and wheel already too far front in the track dropouts to accommodate it, so they changed my chain as well. Came to about $40. When I got home and was mashing up a small hill I felt something slip. Either the wheel moving forward in the dropouts or (more likely) the cog slipping. Was rather bushed and dehydrated when I got home so will only check what’s wrong tomorrow.

Update: The route:

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