Second Try

Recced out more of my probable daily commute today. Got all the way to Whitley Road. It was impossible to filter right to the Whitley Road turn along busy Thomson Road, so I got onto there via the pedestrian crossings. I’d quite forgotten that

1) Whitley Road overlaps with a short portion of the PIE, on which it is illegal to cycle, and that

2) It is one-way.

So I ended up spending a nervous minute or so on the PIE, then a few minutes of dismay when, at the junction of Malcolm and Whitley, I decided it was time to head back home, but realised I couldn’t return the way I came. Luckily, the road map indicated that I could get back to Thomson Road via Malcolm and Chancery Lane. It was a little hilly but otherwise quite pleasant. Chancery Lane and Malcolm could be a decent alternative to taking Whitley Road all the way.

I’m quite set on using Thomson rather than Lornie, so it’s either the hilly Chancery option or going down Thomson all the way to Newton. Hmmph.

My knee doesn’t hurt while riding. Perhaps because I (unwisely) don’t use my hamstrings then.

I can explicitly recall seeing four other cyclists on the roads in the 90 minutes I was on the roads today. One that particularly surprised me was someone on a recumbent, who waved to me as I was going up the Thomson Road flyover to Marymount Road (he was coming down). Hello, yellow jersey-clad person. 46×15 fixed was quite punishing on me today. Knees don’t hurt but I’m rather out of shape. I can’t afford a new bike though. If I could, and if recumbents are available in Sg, I would absolutely go for one.

Indeed, lorries, buses and taxis pass more closely than do cars. Perhaps the mindset of a worker causes them to be less tolerant of obstructions.

My proposed commute as plotted on Bikely ( refuses to display the map, but you can just click on the link):

Less than halfway recced, but the latter half looks more forgiving in terms of traffic.


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