Heat Island

I’d forgotten how tiring taking public transport can be, even if one does nothing but sit down and try to ignore other commuters. Knackered by today’s trips. Thankfully one of them was to collect my wheels with their new bearings. Bike Haus at 6th Ave had charged me $20 a bearing; no installation cost! Turns out the young mechanic had built a fixed gear himself, explaining why he knew of IRO. Now I can resume spinning again, after more than a week of shaking my legs.

Walking in Singapore isn’t fun either, in most places. It’s only after enjoying a few years in a temperate climate that I noticed the heat that emanates from the roads. Walking or waiting by the roadside is extremely uncomfortable as a result. They call this the Urban Heat Island effect. Another negative externality from motor vehicles that probably isn’t compensated for by vehicle or road taxes.


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