Hub Trouble

Noticed while assembling my bike that the hubs had noticeable friction in them. Wanted to change/repack bearings; not knowing then that my hubs were sealed and so could not be repacked. Went to nearest LBS; they said they couldn’t do it because they didn’t have bearings. Call themselves a bike shop! Went to noticeably posher LBS considerably further away. They could do it but said they needed a week. They were a bit taken aback by the fixed rear wheel but at least they knew something about fixed gear. The younger mechanic knew of and was impressed by IRO. The older mechanic thought I was male, and as usual I couldn’t be bothered to correct him. Riding fixed on the street in Sg busted enough stereotypes that a female cyclist riding fixed in the street in Sg might have tested their credulity just a bit too much, especially with my newly cut short hair.

Would probably have been a lot less trouble to change them in the US, but I was way too busy then, and the manpower costs would probably have been much steeper. Not to mention having to put up with the cranky Hyde Park bike store people, although I hear the newly opened Tati’s at 55th and Hyde Park is actually friendly.

Damn it, I’m itching to ride again. One fucking week…!

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