Posterior Knee Pain

It feels like a strain on simultaneously the top of my calf muscle and the bottom of my hamstring. Sometimes one of the two, sometimes both. I ignored it at first because I thought it was just residual soreness from increased riding. But now it’s persisted for two weeks, making me a little bit more worried.

My right wrist has also been sore for the last few days, I suspect due to carrying too many heavy loads around. Sore enough that it hurts to pull on a T-shirt. I nearly killed my arms carrying one load of books to the post office. The second load, and the load I was schlepping to Powell’s where I planned to leave it outside for free, I wheeled over on my bike. Sadly, this made the front so heavy that whenever that was a slight dip in gradient (as there was near intersections), the front rack would slam down onto my thigh. I have a huge bruise there to show for it.


1 Response to “Posterior Knee Pain”

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