Wonderful bike ride tonight. Had itchy legs, so decided to go to Trader Joe’s downtown and get cheap alcohol. Not that there isn’t cheap alcohol in the neighbourhood, but biking to 53rd St just isn’t as fun, and I love the atmosphere of Trader Joe’s (probably the only supermarket for which I can say that).

Weather looked ominous. I only enjoyed about 10 mins of cool dry weather before the storm began. At first I rather enjoyed the drizzle, but the wind grew in strength and the rain grew in intensity and the raindrops grew fatter to the point that when I was between 35th St and McCormick Plaza, visibility was close to zero and my face was stinging so much I was wondering if it was hailing. Soaked to the skin. I still enjoyed it though, in the perverse you-can-hit-me-but-not-hurt-me sense.The rain was a drizzle again by the time I reached Shedd Aquarium, where I stopped in the mouth of the inflatable Komodo dragon to pack Wittgenstein and my Chicago maps into the Peapod plastic bag containing my flat repair equipment. Going over the bridge just before Navy Pier, I had to pass through curtains of water dripping from the cracks overhead. I found this rather fun, though I doubted the cleanliness of the water. It turns out that I was right to do so:

raindrop stained shirt

I also acquired the familiar line of dirt just above the sockline, which I have not had for a few years:
sock line

I biked back with two six-packs on the sturdy Cetma rack. Was a bit nervous about the floppy steering and the clinks of glass on metal (and glass) as I went over bumps, but they survived, and I survived.


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