Shipping Issue Resolved

I have ordered a Ground Effect Tardis Bag to transport my bike back to Singapore. I figure it gives me a good chance of escaping the $80 bicycle fee that many airlines charge (I’m flying United), it’ll make it much easier for me to get to the airport, even on the CTA, and I can reuse it for future trips. At $132 including shipping, it’s a lot cheaper than other bike bags, and should more than compensate for multiple $80 surcharges. Packing clothes into the bag until it’s completely stuffed up should also compensate for the lack of padding.

I had earlier been worried about having to carry my bike on the CTA close to rush hour (my flight is at noon), in addition to other luggage, and further having to overcome my phone phobia to ask UA in advance if they can provide bike boxes. That shouldn’t be an issue now.


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