Sick of Winter

All I did today was to sleep too much (12 hours — midnight to noon), spend 3 hours in the “lab”, swim for an hour, wander around Hyde Park for another hour, including a stop at my favourite bookstore where as usual I fell to the temptation to buy another book despite already having a mountain of the damn things that I haven’t read, go home, and eat dinner. The result: exhaustion (physical and mental), a headache, and one blocked ear (meaning I can’t listen to music). I miss cycling, but I’m so sick of winter that I don’t want to go out more than necessary (which is why I’ve taken up swimming again). The weekend weather forecast, sadly, probably means that I won’t be out cycling anytime soon. 7° C | 1° C on Saturday, 9° C | 2° C on Sunday. With 40% chance of rain/snow on Saturday and 30% chance of rain on Sunday. On Wednesday I woke up to see the scenery outside the window dusted with white. It was fecking sleeting, in the second week of April. Yesterday was gray and wet (though not sleet, at least). Today was warm around midday but cool soon afterwards.

And when May swings by, when it finally gets warm, we’ll have the privilege of the company of the 17-year cicadas.

In my three winters here, this is the first time I’ve felt sick of winter. Previously, I was annoyed that the weather was making outdoor activities rather unpleasant. But it’s really getting to me this time. I just want to go out and spin in the wide open spaces of the lakefront path without having to put up with a vicious windchill or precipitation or numb toes. Please.

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