First spill on the IRO. Ridiculous really. Had just turned off pavement from Stuart Hall, and was proceeding at walking pace down the quad towards Harper. I vaguely remember being visually distracted by something, possibly the group of students who’d just emerged from Stuart. At any rate, I suddenly found myself being thrown off the pedals. Slowest feeling fall I’ve ever experienced. I’m not sure that the actual process was that slow, but I remember having a lot of time to notice that I was falling, to think SHIT n times, and then the final crash which misaligned my handlebars and ravaged the end of my bar tape. I must have had both feet stuck in the toe clips then, because I certainly had lots of time to do a foot plant if I could. I probably had locked my leg as though I was coasting, and, of course, having one straight stiff leg on a fixed gear with your feet stuck in clips is a recipe for disaster.

My body itself is none the worse except for a probably gigantic bruise on my right kneecap. Since it was a record cold today (snow in early October!) I was wearing my abrasion resistant climbing pants, which probably saved me a nasty graze.


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