I’ve been paranoid about the accumulating scratches on my IRO. Painted them over with nail polish every week, but new ones kept popping up. So I bought two 6′ tubes of foam pipe insulation and wrapped them over every part of the frame except the front halves of the chainstays (not enough clearance with back wheel), the top halves of the seatstays (ditto), and the front fork (not enough clearance with front wheel). I’m now worried that given that my heels were occasionally striking the chainstays when I first started on the IRO (I seem to have corrected myself of my duck-footed pedal strokes now), I won’t have enough heel clearance with the foam on the chainstays. We’ll see. Also, the foam on the downtube looks ridiculous. In fact foam anywhere except on the top tube and the seat tube looks ridiculous. The entire bike looks like it’s about to be packed for shipping. I rationalised my paranoia by pointing out that I’d have to cut the requisite lengths of foam anyway when I ship my bike to Sg in nine months or so.

Now figuring out where to stick my “one less car” sticker. If I decide to remove the foam on the downtube, then I’ll probably stick it there. Otherwise the only remotely large enough space on my bike that isn’t covered with foam is the rear SKS raceblade. It wouldn’t be very visible there though. My downtube rarely gets dinged so I’ll probably end up removing the foam there and sticking the sticker on the left side of the downtube (the better for drivers to read it).

I couldn’t fit the front SKS raceblade without some part of it rubbing against the tyre. Should have bought a larger size. It would be possible to fit this over a 700×23 size front wheel if I could move the supporting struts further up the fork. However, I’m limited by how far I can move up by the downtube. And right now it seems impossible to have the fender clear of my front wheel without cutting off some part of it, which I am loath to do. Will probably try to sell it on Craigslist. Rear fender is far more important anyway.

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