A Few Things

17 degrees Celsius is a perfect temperature for cycling. Should have gone out in my bike shorts rather than in Marmot Precip pants. It didn’t rain after all. Serfas Seca tyre held out fine. Didn’t want to waste time putting on SKS Raceblades so bike got slopped with grime. Wiped it down immediately. I actually enjoy wiping it down. I enjoy fussing over the one object in my life that I love. After wiping it down spent several minutes just admiring the bike from various angles. Read that track geometry often means a higher bottom bracket, but if anything the IRO Mark V has a lower bottom bracket than my old Schwinn Continental and Varsity. Also compared the bottom bracket height with those of the two hybrids in the bike room, and they were the same, as far as I could tell. I haven’t had issues with clearance anyway. 165mm cranks help, I suppose.

Tried a bit of pulling up on pedals rather than using only the front thigh muscles to pedal. Interesting sensation but I just forgot to do it after a few minutes.

I have maligned the Marmot Precip pants. They are waterproof. What caused the clammy feeling was my sweat, which does not seem to pass through the fabric. So it is waterproof but not breathable. After just five minutes of cycling I was already feeling clammy, and it stayed that way for the rest of the ride.


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