Lousy tyres

Second flat on the week. This time just past the 47th St overpass on the lakefront trail. 1/2 cm gash in tyre, right through casing. Air hissing out violently. Patched it. Patch seems to be holding up well at 80 psi but worried about tyre. Ordered new one (Serfas Seca) from REI as a result. Although tyre held up well today on round trip to Civic Opera House. Rear light was stolen. Only noticed when I wanted to turn it on on the return trip so it might have well been stolen from the Ellis bike room, or during the 90 minutes I was lounging in Lavazza, or during the opera itself. These Duro Hypersonic tyres that came with the IRO are pretty awful. The rear already has three major holes in it. I could Shoe Goo all of them but if it acquired three holes in so few rides I don’t think it’s worth persevering with.

My landlord won’t let me store my bike box in the bike room.

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