Another repost

This time of the May 2006 Critical Mass:

“How did you get up there?” Yelled to the people on the high bikes.
“Where are you going?” Nobody knows.
“What are you doing?” “We’re riding our bikes!”
“Where are you from?” “Everywhere!”

Surreal moment when we were cycling through UIC’s modernist architecture campus, and I heard one of the Goldberg Variations. At first I thought it was UIC’s campus music, which impressed me, then I realise that it was coming from one of the boomboxes being dragged along by another cyclist, and was even more impressed. Unfortunately it quickly switched to more usual fare.

Ended up at Huck Finn’s donuts. Queued up to buy three donuts, which I wolfed down in no time. Seemingly interminable ride east to the lakefront. Towards the end was riding with some old bugger, who first passed me, then slowed down to let me pass. I think he wanted me to take the lead so he could get some respite from the headwind — he muttered something as I passed him that I could not hear. At the end of 35th Street the road turned sharp right, so I halted, unsure where to go. He said “we could take the bridge”. And indeed there was a bridge, with steps, in front. We did, and at the other end he headed north, I south. Note to self: this bridge lands one at the slope just after the beach, and before the big jutting out point that you love to stop at.

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