As a provocation to my future self, a good start, when I return to Sg, would be to bike to work every day. My probable workplace is a good distance from my home, so this will be no small feat. Hopefully this provocation will spur me to do it. Because if no one is going to start biking in their daily commute, it will be impossible to persuade the community that this is something worth doing. Why sit in traffic for 20 minutes every day in your $100,000 car?

It becomes easier once it’s habitual. I used to balk at the thought of cycling to and from the symphony, but now that I’ve made it a habit, I balk at the thought of taking public transport instead. There is no better feeling than coasting back beside the blackness of the lake with great music still floating through your consciousness. I already detest my daily commute by public transport (in Sg). How much worse can it get? It’s just a matter of risking one’s life, but life is worthless anyway if you’re going to perpetually submit to doing things you detest because society prefers that you do it (motorists prefer that there are no bikes on the roads).

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